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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is a family photo session?

Family sessions usually take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your family size and how quickly it takes everyone to get used to being in front of a camera!! We are committed to capturing some real, authentic moments, including real smiles from you guys, and sometimes that takes some extra time! Most sessions take place about 1.5-2 hours before sunset.

What should my family wear for our photos?

We're SO glad you asked! Putting some time and thought into coordinating your outfits make a huge difference in your images! Think about color coordination, pattern, accessories, layering, and everything down to even the smallest details of your wardrobes. It's easier than it seems, and we've got lots of tips and advice right here on our blog

So, umm, my kids/husband are INSERT WORD HERE (wild, shy, special needs, someone who hates pictures) and I'm worried about getting them to INSERT WORRY HERE (cooperate, sit still, give us a real smile, listen to directions). 

Listen, we get it. We're both moms (one of a special needs kiddo) and wives (one of a husband who hates pictures!), and we take family pictures, too. We feel your worries, and promise that we hear "that was actually pretty fun!" from parents and kids all the time after a session. Yes, we'll pose you guys and try to get everyone looking at the camera for that perfect family shot, but we're also going to let you play, snuggle, tell cheesy jokes, and be yourselves. We pay attention to everyone's personalities and try to bring out your best with lots of tried and true methods. So just relax and know that whatever quirks you bring us, we're ready for ya!!

What about location? Where should we go for our session?

Session locations are such a fun, integral part of making your photos feel like you. Do you like a more urban look with cool brick walls and stairs and buildings? Do you like more natural photos with trees, flowers, and grasses? Is there a sentimental location that means something to your family? We work with you to decide the best place for your session and always have great locations to suggest. *Senior sessions are welcome to have multiple locations, and newborn sessions usually take place in our clients' homes.

What if someone gets sick and we need to cancel? What if the forecast is terrible for our day?

Things happen! We can reschedule for a later date if someone's not feeling their best. We pay attention to weather and we generally reschedule the day of your session if there's a greater than 30% chance of rain at your session time. If the temperature is hotter or colder than expected, we think it's easier to dress accordingly than it is to reschedule.

I've got other questions, guys!! Help!!

No problem! You can read more about sessions and what to expect right HERE, and you're always welcome to contact us, too.

For more info or to reserve your session:



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