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Wedding Day Tips & Tricks Episode 3: Family Photos & How to Survive Them

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Alright brides & grooms, our third episode in our Wedding Day Tips & Tricks Video Series is here, and this time, we're talking about how to approach your family photos in the fastest, easiest way possible (because these sure can hold up a cocktail hour if you're not properly prepared!).

This video is FILLED with advice on how to make plans BEFORE your wedding day to ensure family photos run smoothly, so open up the notes section of your wedding planner and get ready to make a list! Enjoy!

*AND just know that Deann and I obviously don't take ourselves too seriously, as evidenced in our Uncle Bob & Mother-of-the-Bride cameos. ;)

Video above not working? Click here!

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You can always talk to us personally about YOUR specific wedding day, too. Email us at or check out our website!

--Shannon & Deann



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