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Wedding Day Tips & Tricks Episode 2: Sunset Time & Why It's Important

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Engaged couples, we just know you've been waiting at the edge of your seats for our next video in our Wedding Tips & Tricks series! 🤣

You're gonna hear some of our best advice for how to get those AMAZING bride and groom photos you see all over Instagram and Pinterest. Those are the images that are going to be hanging on your wall for YEARS TO COME, so don't miss out on learning all about how to get them planned into your wedding day!!

Enjoy, you guys!!

If the video doesn't play for you above, just click here to go to our Vimeo site!

And don't miss our first episode--Your Engagement Session and Why You'll Love It

Oh, and hey--if you want more info on our wedding tips, details, and packages, email us at or check out our website! The next episodes will be linked at the bottom of each video, so keep an eye out for those as well!

--Shannon & Deann

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