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Cory + Olivia | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | The Columbia Club

Brides, if you're looking for a master class on how to plan the perfect, classy wedding, you're gonna want to get out your notepads. Our bride, Olivia could write the book for you guys on this topic. She had a beautiful vision for her day, executed it like a pro, and was the perfect combination of an organized, laid-back, and flexible bride. Not to mention, she and Cory are freaking adorable. So c'mon along as we overshare alllll the gorgeous details of their day.

First off, we should mention that the suites at The Columbia Club are perfect for bridal parties. Olivia and her whole bridal squad took over the gorgeous rooms and had plenty of space for everyone to get ready, snack, and just hang out together.

Before putting on her dress, Liv opened a super thoughtful gift from her groom that had all her girls gushing. So sweet!!!

That dress, though.

So dresses on, photo ready, we all headed out for bridesmaids photos. And here's where you brides-to-be should start taking notes--there was ZERO drive time, because The Columbia Club sits right on Monument Circle in Indianapolis. We literally crossed a street for photos! Now, we're not saying this is the ONLY way to set up your bridal photos, but it sure was convenient and helped maximize our time throughout the day. Not to mention, the Monument is a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos!

In addition to her traditional bridesmaids, Liv smartly asked three more friends to be her "bride tribe," who were there to help her and add even more fun to the mix. Bonus points that they were totally picture-ready, so we were sure to include them in photos, too.

Liv, you are stunning, girl.

We coordinated the girls heading back inside The Columbia Club while the guys kept Cory from seeing Olivia, and presto chango, it was time for groomsmen pics.

Bowties, beards and top hat games were on point with these gentlemen.

Quick little side note about groomsmen attire: we just DIE over the quirky trend of funky socks happening these days. Bring all the fun socks on, groomsmen--we will never stop thinking this is awesome. Makes us smile every time.

OH! And it's hard to tell in these shots, but Liv had socks made for Cory with pictures of their ACTUAL DOG ON THEM. Who knew this was a thing you could do?!? Detail-oriented, super thoughtful Liv, did, of course!

Next on the agenda for the day were the first looks! First, Olivia had a special moment with her dad as he saw her in her dress, and then it was Cory's turn. Just look at that smirk on his face as he waits for his bride.

Cory & Olivia shared some sweet moments together after seeing each other for the first time that day, and then they were able to enjoy the rest of the day together too! Just one of the reasons we are always extra-super-duper-PRO-first-look over here (but that's a blog post for another day, folks!).

First looks + no drive time = Pah-lenty of time for a huge variety of bride and groom shots on and around Monument Circle. And by the way, Indy brides, the circle never disappoints with all the different looks and feels it brings as you move and shoot from new angles. Just saying, it's a great place to consider.

^^Probably our favorite shot of the whole day.

Cue the bridal party, and we were ready to rock! But first, let's all pause for these dimples on Mr. Man right here. And just try to get over that bowtie and suspenders, I dare you.

More dimples plus squishy little baby toes. You're welcome.

It probably seems like an odd time to mention this, because obviously, Cory has Liv in the perfect dip right up there, ^^ but let's all notice those flowers for a second. They were the perfect addition to pull together this classic, stunning bridal party look. Denese at Bloom! Custom Florals did an outstanding job with these bouquets, didn't she?!?

Just look at that fine-looking group. All there because a guy met a girl on a teeter-totter one day in college, and after the first time those two hung out, she knew she'd marry him.

Ceremony time at (you guessed it!) The Columbia Club. Every detail fit perfectly into the classy look Olivia was going for. Okay, we'll be quiet now as you marvel over this venue, the ceremony, and these awesome people. Proceed.

It took us a few looks at this photo to realize Cory is proudly high-fiving guests as he walks his new bride back down the aisle. Cracked us up! And let's just pause again so you can scroll back up there one more time to check out that stained glass and those chandeliers. So much class. This whole ceremony was beautiful and elegant and just wow.

Because we'd already knocked out all the bridal portraits and groupings before the ceremony (Ahh yeah--thank you, first look!), we grabbed some family photos and then Cory & Liv got to relax and visit with all of their guests during cocktail hour. Guys, this almost NEVER happens. See what we mean? Master class in planning a wedding day, ya'll.

And now, moving on to the reception . . .

We're interrupting this champagne and cake-cutting to talk to you about THIS. CAKE. Sorry, not sorry. It's cake, need we say more? Yes, we do.

Guys, Heavenly Sweets knocks it out of the park every time. When Liv told us she'd chosen them for her wedding cake, we may have geeked out like fangirls. We're not kidding when we say Heavenly Sweets cakes are the top of our wedding cake list. Trust us, we've tried our fair share! Deann even used them for her own wedding years ago, and tasting that buttercream frosting takes her right back.

Alright, cake rant over.

Looking back at this moment makes us so happy for so many reasons. The pure joy on Cory's face, the guys lined up and ready . . . and we betcha can't guess who's about to catch the garter!! HINT: He's got dimples and suspenders and suddenly he's about two heads taller than everyone else.

Mmmhmm. Nailed it.

We don't really know how it happened, but we fell in love and could not get enough of these couples on the dance floor. So we'll show them all to you right here while we go grab some tissues. #whydowetearupatalltheweddings #everytime #somethingsospecialaboutthesemoments

This was such a cool part of the reception. Cory's fraternity serenaded Olivia, and then she was lavaliered by her new groom.

More dancing and fun kept the night exciting as everyone celebrated the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Martin.

Cory & Olivia, you two sure know how to put on an amazing wedding day! Thank you for letting us be the ones to help you capture it all. We know you've got even more special moments ahead as husband and wife and we can't wait to see where married life takes you both!! Might we suggest wedding planning?!? Just saying. ;) Congratulations, you guys!!!

--Shannon & Deann


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