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Lauren & Lateef | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Pipers at The Marott

A wedding on April Fool's Day?!? Now that ain't no joke!! Lauren and Lateef had an amazing wedding day! We were so fortunate to take their engagement pictures last spring, and we've been excited for their wedding ever since! I mean, they are such a sweet, good-looking couple, SO fun to be around, and I swear, they make posing and shooting them a piece of cake (pun totally intended)!

The first time we met Lauren, we also met her mom, Tracy. They are both just the sweetest people you'll ever meet (and have you seen their stunning eyes?! UM, 😍😍). So it seemed fitting that we started Lauren's special day with a note from her mom, and it was such an honor to share this sweet moment with them.

The ladies kept the big moment light with some mimosas, throwback 90's music, and a dance party as they got ready!

There was so much laughter and music coming from the men's suite that we couldn't help but smile the whole time.

The marble room at The Marott--so yeah, we fell in LOOOVE with that space!! The sun was shining perfectly through the huge windows, and we couldn't have asked for a better first-look location. Total elegance, and Lauren and Lateef had the sweetest first look there. And of course, they rocked out plenty of bride & groom shots there, too!

We were a little worried it would be a chilly day, because April in Indiana--who can predict it, right!?! But the sun showed up for the party and really warmed everyone up. We were so excited and thankful we could get outside for all the bridal party shots!

I'm just gonna leave some flower girl adorableness for you right here. You're welcome.

Lateef's son, Zachary has a smile that is gonna have the ladies lined up at his door one day, just wait and see.

From start to finish, this group had us laughing and goofing the whole time. Lateef & Lauren are definitely surrounded in life by some pretty special friends and family.

Oh yes. The rings were very secure.

And the flower girl was on point.

Lauren had everything perfectly timed to the ceremony music, ending with her walking down the aisle to "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" along with her mom and her dad. Such a great moment.

Lauren's dad officiated, which made the whole ceremony sentimental, funny, and so special.

And the amazing vows Lauren and Lateef wrote for each other . . . They were so real, emotional and definitely memorable. We may have been wiping our own eyes in between shots. Just saying.

The best choreographed mother/daughter dance we've ever seen. Hands down.

When Lauren's sorority sisters serenaded her, we didn't want it to end! Again, such a special moment that MIGHT have involved tears between shots. I CAN'T HELP IT, OKAY?

The reception ended the night on a high note partying with their awesome DJ.

We left the wedding feeling like we had made a whole bunch of new friends. Lauren and Lateef, thank you so much for including us in your day! It was such an honor and SO much fun!

--Shannon & Deann


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