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Matthew & Sara | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Laurel Hall

If we could pick the perfect couple for an elegant, classic, timeless wedding at Laurel Hall in Indianapolis, Matthew & Sara would be at the top of our list. We absolutely adore these two and loved spending time with them over the course of 2016--from engagement photos to talking timelines over coffee. We were honored to help capture their wedding day and had a blast while we were at it! Sara & Matthew are surrounded by such fantastic friends and family who honestly kept us laughing and smiling all day long!

Did I mention they are also efficient? I mean. Look at these bridesmaids and groomswoman with their spontaneous hairstyling train. Clearly, they mean business.

The bridal suite at Laurel Hall is to DIE for!! Paired with Sara and her stunning dress, it doesn't get much better.

And the groom's library is pretty snazzy itself.

Matthew & Sara's first look was one of our favorite moments of the day . . .

There's really nothing like that quiet moment our brides & grooms spend together before the details of the day start to unfold.

It's hard to tell here, but it was FREEZING outside. You'd never know it by looking at the calm, collected Sara. She handled the November temps like a champ. We'll give Matthew some credit too, of course, but we're willing to bet that suit coat probably helped. Haha!

We asked these two to dance, and consequently could not stop snapping because, perfection.

Then there's that moment when the videographer gets allupinourshot. We weren't mad at him, mostly because his work is awesome and also maybe a little because Deann is actually married to Sean, and Focus Right Productions is her videography business, too.

You know, whatever.

Forgive the B&W medley here--there's something about suits and bricks and groomsmen in black and white that makes me happy. Speaking of, I'm not sure what was happening behind the scenes here, but this picture just about sums up our time with these guys.

Laughing and posing and shenanigans.

STUNNING, that Sara.

These girls were SO much fun, too. Also, they were freezing. Not pictured here, but right behind the camera: hand warmers, blankets, & coats. You gotta do what you gotta do to make it work, right? Maybe also some huddling together.

A fine looking bunch, right there. And then it was time for the ceremony.

Flawless. Gorgeous. We 💗 Laurel Hall.

Dinner, toasts, cake, dancing. It felt like hanging out with old friends all night.

Sara & Matthew really do have some awesome people in their lives.

We LOVED that Sara danced with her dad first.

The first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Gray. And gosh, can those two dance!!

The whole gang. ;)

Congratulations, Sara & Matthew!!! Thank you for letting us capture your day with you!!

We loved every minute and wish you both the very best.

--Shannon & Deann


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