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Stephen & Shaunna | Industry 828 | Indiana State House | Indianapolis

Shaunna and Stephen's wedding day in Indianapolis was filled with elegance, some SERIOUS dance moves, two stunning venues, and some truly unforgettable moments. We can't wait to tell you all about this amazing bride & groom and all their wedding details! So let's start with those wedding prep moments with the bridesmaids, shall we?

Did you catch the ladies practicing their dance moves in the bridal suite? We were ALL SMILES watching that moment, knowing we were in for an awesome day and night hanging out with these bridesmaids!! From their instant sass to those insanely beautiful robes, we could've kept our cameras clicking for HOURS, and couldn't even resist taking photos while they were taking their own group selfies!! Btw--highly recommend Industry 828 in Indianapolis--check out the light in that place!!!

And now on to these classy groomsmen . . .

Stephen and his groomsmen were cool, calm, and collected as they suited up for the day. Their suite at the Hilton downtown was just a quick block away from the Indiana State House, where the wedding took place. We skipped over to catch these guys put on their finishing touches (and wished we could try out that Slurricane drink with them, of course!).

Next, we had a few minutes with the bridesmaids before the ceremony, so naturally, we took advantage of one of the gorgeous State House staircases!

So as Shaunna was finishing up photos with her ladies, she looked over to see HER FAVORITE SAXOPHONE PLAYER, who was arriving to PLAY AT HER WEDDING! This is one of those incredible moments we mentioned earlier--Stephen had assured his future bride that he was taking care of the instrumental music for their ceremony, because he wanted to surprise her with her dream wedding performer. The moment Shaunna teared up after realizing what was going on may have been our favorite part of the day. *And you guys, Shaunna had great taste--this saxophone player did NOT disappoint. He was so, so talented and really fun to watch.

And that brings us to ceremony time . . .

Stunning, right? This whole ceremony had us swooning. The Indiana State House is such an elegant wedding venue, and so of course, we stole Shaunna & Stephen away for a few moments before we left for their reception.

We always say it, but man, we love it when brides & grooms can get away for a few minutes during their day to celebrate the fact that they're actually MARRIED! So giving Stephen & Shaunna some time alone (as we snapped away) gave them a sweet moment filled with natural magic that only love can create in images!

We met the entire bridal party over at Industry 828 for the reception, and stole some group photos as we waited for their formal introductions:

And then it was time to get the celebration going!!!

Let's just go ahead and talk about this reception for a minute. The smiles on Shaunna & Stephen, the incredible voices of Shaunna's sorority sisters as they serenaded her, the stroll these ladies took part in together--ALL of it was so sweet, classy, and sentimental and left us wishing for more!! BUT WAIT!! There was a whole lotta dancing to be had, and we couldn't have loved that more either.

Can't you just feel the energy and the love that was all over that room?!? Oh my goodness, I think we were grinning ear to ear the whole time. The groom's dance moves lit up the entire room, and yes, Shaunna won that dance off--and it wasn't because she was the bride!!

Shaunna & Stephen, congratulations!!! Thank you a thousand times over for sharing your amazing day with us! We loved every minute!!

--Shannon & Deann


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