• Shannon Beaver

Sofia & Will | Mill Top | Noblesville, In

Updated: Mar 3

Sofia and Will will always be the couple who introduced us to the venue The Mill Top. We had yet to have a wedding at this location, but fear not, Sofia and Will gave us alllll the super-fun details of the place while we sat down for our consult. With the way they talked about it, surely it couldn't live up to the expectations,... but surprisingly, it did! We loved the venue inside and out (and all four flights up). There were endless beautiful places to take pictures. Let's start with the pre-ceremony hang-outs in the fun Man Cave and lovely Bridal Suite!

Will & Sofia’s wedding day was so sweet! I don’t think we’ve heard a groom say such nice things about his bride throughout the whole day. You could tell they have been looking forward to this day for a long time. And we were so happy to be there and capture it! Here, we see their first look and bride and groom photos!

Then, we added in a very special little dude, Mateo. We just LOVE how excited he is on their (and his) BIG DAY!

Next, we were off to explore the roof of the lovely Mill Top. It felt like we had SO MANY fun places to shoot at this venue! And we loved how we were able to look out at the town of Noblesville from the roof!

Just a few more images of the happy couple and their people before ceremony time!

Now for the big moment! Sofia & Will had the most gorgeous ceremony!

Look at that precious, happy family of 3! What better way to celebrate the recent nuptials than by a party with all their family and friends?! Here's a look at their reception!

Sofia and Will, we are so glad we were a part of your journey to the altar!

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