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Shaunna & Stephen | E-session | Indianapolis

Scheduling a May engagement session in downtown Indianapolis on the canal sure seems like a great bet for a stunning backdrop and gorgeous weather, right?! Cue Mother Nature in Indiana saying, “Hold my beer!” We had major rain predicted on our e-session day with Shaunna & Stephen, but we forged ahead, hoping for a break in the clouds for at least few minutes. Guys, we pretty much had a backup plan for our backup plan! And you know what?!? It worked perfectly!! We started out at our studio at the Stutz and made the short walk (with umbrellas at the ready) to the canal. Eventually, that sky opened up to reveal a gorgeous sunset (and even a teeny tiny rainbow!) and our session was saved! Deann and I oohed and ahhed over how cute these two are together, and loved every minute we spent strolling and talking with them. Stephen & Shaunna, we can’t wait for your August wedding at Industry 828!

Enjoy the photos, you guys!! More to come soon!!

--Shannon & Deann


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