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Mandi & JP | e-session | Holliday Park

Guys, when we met Mandi & JP at the Perfect Wedding Guide wedding show, we knew it was our version of “wedding couple love at first sight.” Deann started talking with them both while I (Shannon) was busy with another couple. I could hear the three of them laughing together, and could tell from Deann’s tone (and my BFF spidey senses) that I was missing out on something good with those guys! When they walked away, Deann immediately looked at me and said, “Ohmygosh I LOVE them!! They have to pick us for their day!” When ya know, ya know, right?

Mandi & JP must’ve at least liked us a little, because before we knew it, we were meeting with them at our studio! It was quickly clear why Deann instantly loved Mandi & JP--these two are totally down to earth, insanely cool and sweet, and a freaking TON of fun! It felt like we were hanging out with old friends (which is always our test of how much we’re gonna love a couple), and there was so. much. laughing. When our meeting was over, we crossed our fingers that the love was mutual and they’d also think we were the right photogs for their wedding day! Spoiler alert: THEY BOOKED US!!!

Fast forward a few months to their engagement session last week, and we were right back to the laughs again. For real, shooting and hanging with these guys is all fun and no work, as I’m sure you can tell in their images!

((Side note: our shoot was at Holliday Park, which is where JP proposed--and that place is GORGEOUS--nice proposal choice, JP!))

Can we just say JP got LUCK-Y with this girl?? She is soooo gorgeous, and the camera absolutely loves her!

But I guess we could say Mandi has it good, too. JP obviously chose a gorgeous place to propose, and we are IN LOVE with the ring he bought her!

They seem to really have fun together no matter what -- even if their bossy photogs are making them do crazy things! ;) "Just go run and jump on her like you want a piggyback ride!"

We're so thankful they've trusted us to capture this part of their journey together--and you'd better believe we are READY for their wedding day!

--Shannon & Deann

If you haven't noticed, we LOVE engagement sessions -- and here's a whole buncha reasons why e-sessions are so amazing for brides-and-grooms-to-be!



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