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Katie & Jeremy | Purgatory Golf Club

Katie and Jeremy chose the Purgatory Golf Course to be their wedding venue, and we were SO excited to take a look at the place. We loved their log cabin-like interior and of course the amazing views the golf course offered. When we arrived on location, we had plenty of umbrellas in hand because the forecast called for rain off and on. The plan was to have the ceremony outside, but with the impending rain, the venue was prepping for an indoor option. But, we’re talking about Indiana here and you never know what the weather will have in store for us. SPOILER ALERT -- the forecast cleared up enough that the bride and groom (wisely) chose to roll the dice for an outdoor ceremony. And what’s even better, we were able to do all the photos we wanted outside with only a few drops of rain here and there! Thank you, Indiana!! :)

But before we get to the gorgeous ceremony, let’s start with the super sweet first look. Let’s just say Jeremy reacted exactly the way a bride (and photographer) would hope he would!

When the bride is a hair stylist for a living, you better believe she and her girls are going to have the BOMB hair! We are obsessed with her unique hairstyle and how it enhanced her gorgeous wedding-day look! And of course, we LOVED that these bridesmaids know how to rock some fierce sass!

Not to be outdone, these guys were also so much fun! We love it when the guys can support the groom, listen to our crazy photo ideas and still have a great time during pictures!

And when the guys and girls came together, it was nothing but fun -- well, also some shots to calm nerves!

The last-second decision to have the ceremony outside was EVER!! We were so happy -- the weather was stellar, the view was PERFECT! Take a look at the beautiful ceremony, and then keep looking to the very end. You’ll see images from a Polish tradition of the bride and groom taking a shot with bread as they leave the ceremony, along with a blessing from the groom’s mom.

And now, we go into one of our favorite times of the night -- that golden hour sunset goodness! This location was absolutely MADE for sunset!

And then comes the dinner, dancing, toasts and merriment that makes a great reception! Take a look at the fun image of allll the guests out on the dance floor. We LOVE when DJs do this. It ends up being a really fun picture and a great way to get everyone out on the dance floor to party!

Katie and Jeremy, we are so glad you asked us to be a part of your day. We wish you all the best in your future!


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