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Jessy & Austin | Crowne Plaza Downtown | Indianapolis, In

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Let’s be honest, when we first met Jessy and Austin, we were so excited about the possibility of getting them in front of our cameras. Can you say gorgeous?! And once we saw their friends and families on the wedding day, let's just say they all have such great style and taste -- but you'll see! And for an added bonus, everyone was extra nice and easy-going, which made for a super smooth wedding day!

Take a look as we take a peek into Jessy and Austin's special day -- we started at the Crowne Plaza downtown with all the primping and prepping that can be expected on a wedding day (or lack-of for the guys… HOW do they get it so easy?!). Then, we head south to St. Barnabas for their super sweet ceremony. Next, we stop by the circle for some of the MOST FUN bridal party shots we’ve taken -- you can’t miss these! And lastly, we travel back to Crowne Plaza for the party that everyone was looking forward to -- complete with meaningful toasts, amazing dancing (including the Lebanese dapke dance that EVERYONE got in on, even grandparents), and even more dancing all through the night!

Let’s first start with alllll the getting ready…

But seriously, girls primping for hours. Guys playing card games. Every single wedding! LOL. But either way, now that everyone is ready, let’s get this couple together for their big moment (well, ok ONE big moment): the FIRST LOOK! And we'll move right into many more gorgeous bride and groom portraits.

We were thrilled with the awesome spots around Crowne Plaza for some great bride and groom portraits! But it was time to hop in a limo and get everyone ready for the ceremony at St. Barnabas with what I guess you could call the REAL big moment!

What a special ceremony it was! We celebrated their marriage with their whole bridal party on the circle. If you’ve seen a group have more fun than this, please send them our way! I think the guys and girls were trying to out-do each other, and we were totally fine with that! I’m not sure which group won?? But I do know we LOVE the groomsmen’s photo that they took as a re-creation of a photo of Austin’s dad’s (with Austin’s dad’s Converse shoes)! So fun!

Next up, it was time for this fun bunch to head to the Crowne Plaza to enjoy cocktail hour and the reception! We had introductions and toasts before sneaking the bride and groom away from some sunset pictures.

We LOVED that we had some fun urban spots right outside the Crowne Plaza downtown to soak up the last moments of light before getting Jessy and Austin back inside for the rest of the party. And sunset pictures always end up being a sweet time for the bride and groom to take a breather just to be together. Back inside, we were about to see some sweet cake, along with first dances, and our first ever look at the Lebanese dance that we absolutely LOVED! I still can't get over all the grandmas and grandpas dancing around through the night with no problem. Where do we sign up for all that energy at the end of the night??

Wait... do you see what's happening up there ^^?? That's right, Jessy and Austin have the whole reception venue to themselves for one final dance, just the two of them (well, plus a couple photographers)! We LOVED this idea and were so glad we were able to take a few pictures before giving them the room to themselves. We ran outside to help organize their formal exit and then captured them running off as a married couple! What a great ending to the night!

We would be remiss if we didn't mention this sad tidbit. Jessy lost her grandfather (who walked her down the aisle) just a few weeks after the wedding. We are so sorry for her loss and for the whole family. We know she will treasure having those special moments with him from that day.

Thank you, Jessy and Austin for including us in your day. It is one we won't forget!


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