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Andrea & Kyle | Bradley Hall | Indianapolis

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Guys, you've never seen sparks fly between two people in love until you've met Kyle & Andrea. This kind of chemistry is something straight out of a fairy tale, and their whole wedding day was filled with it!! Wanna take a look at some highlights from their May wedding at Bradley Hall in Greenfield? Yeah, we thought so. Enjoy!

While Andrea & her girls were getting glammed up, Kyle & his guys quickly got dressed and headed down the street to the The Wooden Bear Brewery in downtown Greenfield! Not gonna lie, we wish we could've hung out with these guys and shared in a cider and some of those Chips Ahoy cookies!!

Next up was the first look! Prepare yourselves, because we're pretty darn sure that EVERY bride hopes for this kind of reaction from her groom on their wedding day!

PSA--Future brides & grooms, don't write off the option of a first look. We're here to tell you that they are SO meaningful and add such an unforgettable, special moment to your day. You won't regret having one, we promise. And if we aren't convincing enough, just take a look at Kyle & Andrea as they see each other for the first time on their day:

Andrea & Kyle took this time to exchange gifts, pray together, and catch up on their mornings before we all headed on to the first part of their bride & groom portraits.

For real. Aren't they pretty much movie stars?!? The bridal party was ready and on deck for their time in front of the camera, and these guys did NOT disappoint.

Bridesmaids on a wedding day have something like a zillion jobs and roles (and somehow they're supposed to accomplish these things while simultaneously looking gorgeous and keeping their dresses unwrinkled!). They obviously have HUGE responsibilities--and Andrea's ladies did it all impeccably, and even made it look freaking easy. They were the experts on all the details, the venue, the timeline, each task that needed done, and yet still managed to be a part of every important moment with Andrea--even down to peeking in on her first look with Kyle! We LOVE how they were all in for Andrea the entire day long, and it sure looked like they had a blast the whole time, too! **Especially when the DJ played some Wilson Phillips at the reception!

Kyle & his best men were a blast! His actual Best Man, Christopher, is currently serving our country and unfortunately couldn't attend the wedding. But he was still a big part of their day. Christopher recorded a video of his thoughtful and hilarious toast (complete with a can of soda, cause no alcohol in uniform!!), which Kyle & Andrea arranged to have played at their reception. It was perfect!! But we're getting ahead of ourselves--next up was the CEREMONY!!

Just look at the excitement of those two!! We LOVE their energy, and their happiness is insanely contagious!! You could absolutely feel it during their reception, too.

As we always do with our brides & grooms, we snuck the newlyweds out for a quick sunset session while their guests partied hard! If you guys can't feel the chemistry and sparks of love between Kyle & Andrea, we can't help ya.

Kyle & Andrea, we freaking LOVE you guys!! Your day was glamorous, filled with so much joy and fun, and we wish we could do it all over again! Thanks for trusting us with your wedding day, it was an honor AND a blast. --Shannon & Deann



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