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Andrea & Kyle | Engagement Session | Downtown Indianapolis

An engagement session with the best behaved dog EVER in our downtown Indianapolis studio--what could make us happier? OH WAIT. THESE TWO SURE CAN! Add Kyle and Andrea to that afternoon and we were the happiest little photographers this side of the Mississippi. And when we geek out over an amazing photo shoot like this one, we tend to overshare. #sorrynotsorry

Here, check out a couple images and we'll be back in a minute to tell you more.

COME ON! Rizzo is looking RIGHT AT THE CAMERA for us, like she's trained for this moment all her little puppy life.

And then she showed us her tricks and NONE OF US COULD CONTAIN OURSELVES! Look at Kyle & Andrea's faces when they realized!

Like we mentioned, Rizzo was a champ the whole time, so we gave her some lovin', a treat and sent her home with grandpa and grandma. Then, we headed back inside the studio to warm up and have some more laughs with Andrea and Kyle.

So, obviously, these two are awesome in front of the camera -- they know how to laugh, snuggle, allll the good stuff we love. But then it was time for an outfit change, and Andrea and Kyle stepped.up. their. game. EVEN MORE, YOU GUYS!! The formal wear brought on some more sass and fierce-ness, and we loved it!

And then, they danced. We almost always ask our couples to dance because we just LOVE the results. In this case, Andrea grabbed her phone and started playing some Ed Sheeran for some mood music. It was *perfect* (see what I did there??)!

AND THEN . . . back outside again!!! The studio is awesome because we have several places nearby to venture outdoors, so it's easy to go in and out quickly (and take breaks to warm up when it's cold)! Also, can we just take a sec to applaud Andrea and Kyle?? They're out in the cold December temps, downtown Indy traffic speeding past, right next to a construction zone, and they!!! LOVE IT!

And just like that, the sun set on one of our favorite engagement sessions. To say we're excited for your wedding day is an understatement! We're already sad for when it's all over, let's be honest. ANYWAY, congrats, Andrea & Kyle!!

If you haven't noticed, we LOVE engagement sessions -- and here's a whole buncha reasons why e-sessions are so amazing for brides-and-grooms-to-be!


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