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NEW Video Series: Wedding Tips & Tricks

So you're getting married, which likely means you're pinning all the bridal things and touring venues, stalking photographer websites, talking to flower vendors and tasting lots of wedding cake samples (our favorite part!). It's fun, exciting, and totally overwhelming all at the same time. You've got one shot at your big day, and obviously you want it to be perfect! But guys, we always tell our brides to expect at least ONE thing to go wrong, and once that's over, you can relax knowing everything else will be smooth sailing! Haha!

But seriously, Deann and I get it. Planning the most important day of your life is STEE-RESS-FULL. We've been in the trenches with so many couples on their wedding day that over time, we've accumulated a list of things we wish every bride & groom knew while they planned their day. So prepare yourselves to be enlightened--over the course of the next few months or so, we'll be releasing a video series where we bequeath our wisest wedding tips & tricks to all you lovely people. We can't promise it won't be completely nerdy or have some controversial issues (first look, anyone?!), but we can promise it'll be filled with info you'll be glad to know (like how to smuggle a cupcake out of your reception like a BOSS, and how an engagement session will save you time on your wedding day).

Our debut video will be released next week, so keep an eye out for it! SPOILER: We're gonna talk about engagement sessions first, because like we said, they're time-savers, bring SO much more to your actual wedding day, and let's be honest, e-sessions happen first anyway, so we'd better start there! Sign up here to receive a notification email when the videos release so you don't miss anything!

See ya next week!

--Shannon & Deann

Don't judge, we were sweaty and tired here from all the photographing and videoing, but you should at least note those are real smiles because we have THE best jobs ever.

Don't judge, we were sweaty and tired here from all the wedding photographing and videoing on that hot, sunny day, but please note those are REAL smiles because we have THE best jobs ever.


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