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Listen up, friends! It's juuuuust about fall family photo session time here in Indianapolis, so we are GIVING AWAY A FREE FAMILY SESSION over on Facebook super soon! How soon? Well, we’ll draw the winner as soon as we hit 1,000 followers on the Lantern Tree Photography page (Oh why YES, WE ARE HOLDING THE GIVEAWAY HOSTAGE, thankyouverymuch, because we’re crazy like that, guys.). It’ll be a fun little celebration once we hit that huge milestone, and we are ohh so close right now! (which by the way, makes us want to cry happy tears)!! Here's hoping we hit that 1K mark quickly, cause it's already family session season NOW!

So here’s how it’s gonna work—first, make sure you “like” our facebook page, and then you can nominate yourself or another family for the free session by commenting on the giveaway post with a family photo, or a GIF that might show what your family/your nominated family is all about! You get extra entries for every person that “likes” your photo comment—so tag some friends or share on your own page and send your people over to show your photo on the original post some love! This original post is where we'll count your entries--very important! Got it? Good!!

Actual footage of my family, every single morning.

(Example GIF, with actual footage of my family, every single day.)

What does the free family session entail? We’re so glad you asked, cause family sessions are our JAM!! We’ll meet for 1.5 hours or so before sunset one evening at a location we pick together. We get our cameras out, you get your smiles on, we all play games and laugh and talk (it’s way more fun than saying “cheese” we promise). Later on, you’ll get an online gallery with your edited images in both color and black & white (probably way too many because we overshare and can't help it), and you get to download and print them as you’d like. And if you’ve got Grandmas and Aunt Susans who nag you for pictures, you’ve probably also got your Christmas shopping covered now, too. You’re welcome.

Soooo, head on over to the facebook page (don't forget to follow us so we can get to that 1K mark!!), get entered and tag all your people for some extra entries while you’re at it!

And if you already know you want to schedule family photos this fall, the time to get on our calendars is NOW (Don’t worry, if you win, we’ll reimburse you the session fee, so go ahead and do both--book AND enter to make sure you’re covered!)!! Just head HERE to get your family’s session reserved because spots fill quickly! (Extra directions because that process is a wee bit tricky: Use any email to enter the site, click the photo and click "buy photo," then you're set to pay the deposit and we'll get a date on the calendar for your shoot asap!)

That's all we've got! Good luck to all you lovely people who enter! We can't wait to get our cameras on lots of you super soon! And thanks for the love you've all shown Lantern Tree to help us get to nearly 1,000 followers! You all make our jobs just so dang fun!!

--Shannon & Deann


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