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Alexandria & Aaron | Rome City | Sylvan Cellars | Indiana Wedding Photography

You guys--Alexandria and Aaron flew ALL the way from California to have THE TWO OF US photograph their wedding in the best state in the midwest -- Indiana! Okay fine, that's not exactly WHY their wedding was in Indiana, but we can pretend, can't we?!?! The real truth is that Alex & Aaron are both Anderson University grads (just like the two of us and our husbands, go AU!) and remotely planned their wedding back in Indiana, where Alex's family lives. We're so glad they did, because we were totally thrilled they chose us to be their photographers. We couldn't ask for a better couple to work with -- they are so much fun, completely in love, and know how to throw an awesome party, err, we mean wedding! Take a look at some of our favorite moments from their day!

Pausing for a quick second to discuss this bridal party -- first, these ladies were the. sweetest. things. ever!! Throughout the whole day, when Alexandria needed something, they were there--ready to primp, run errands, and laugh or cry right along with her!! Alex is a lucky girl to have such awesome people in her life!!

Then on to the guys, who were. stinking. hilarious. I'm not sure we stopped laughing the whole time we were around them. The second we started taking pictures of them, the groom had to take a phone call, so they all pulled out their phones and pretended to be on important calls. We're not sure why they started pulling out cash next--maybe to prove how important they were? Who knows, but we loved them for it, and just kept shooting that hysterical moment. I think we can all conclude Alex & Aaron have some good times with their best people!

(Aaron, the groom, is the only one legitimately on his phone right here. Can you tell? ;) )

Then came the moment we always look forward to -- the First Look! Aaron absolutely nailed his reaction! Take note, future grooms!

(Many times, our First Look time continues into Bride and Groom portraits, which is just perfect! But we also took these two out at sunset during the reception, so keep scrolling to see that magic!) Now time for the ceremony, where little brother got to lead the way for the bride with his hilarious sign! Dude, we hear ya. By the time a ceremony rolls around, we're hungry, too!

As promised, magical sunset pictures -- our favorite! And how the sun managed to peek out so perfectly despite all of those moody clouds is an Indiana miracle! You can't get that in Cali, can ya?!? Lol!

Next up, reception time! Everyone had a great time eating, dancing, and toasting. Sylvan Cellars is such a great venue for an outdoor wedding and indoor reception--we love that it has a separate area for dancing, so that guests can choose to party hard or have some quieter conversation time. Everyone wins!!

Then, out came the glow sticks! Who knew those would be so much fun!?!? Whoever thought of these was a genius, and we're in LOVE with these images!

And that did it for a wonderful, beautiful, laugh-so-hard-til-your-abs-hurt wedding day! Alex and Aaron, thanks for trusting us with the most important day of your lives! We just love you guys and ALL of your people, and it was a memorable day we surely won't forget anytime soon!

--Shannon & Deann

(And thanks to these guys for keeping us on our toes and in stitches!

Have we mentioned we travel for Cali weddings?!? Call us!)

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