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Wedding Day Tips & Tricks Episode 1: Your Engagement Session & Why You'll LOVE It!

HELLO INDIANAPOLIS!!!! As promised, we're releasing the FIRST installment of our new wedding video series, and we're starting at the very beginning (the very best place to start)--Engagement Sessions!

You guys, there are SO many reasons why getting in front of the camera with your fiancé for an e-session is a great idea to do before your wedding. I mean, obviously, you'll get more photos--but that's not the entire purpose of scheduling an engagement session with your photographer. We're willing to bet there will be reasons in this video you haven't even considered!! Or maybe you have, and your super special self can just sit back, watch, and enjoy our nerdy sense of humor and outtakes at the end!

But hold on, cause we can't let you watch until we've given proper thanks to the amazing couple who not only trusted us to capture their engagement photos AND their entire wedding day on our cameras, but also let us FILM alllll the things on those days as well. We are so thankful for William & Katryna's willingness to jump on board with us so we could create this video for you all. We know you'll fall in love with them just like we have (as evidenced by all our happy squeals you'll surely notice in this video).

Okay, with out further ado, we give to you Wedding Day Tips & Tricks Episode 1: Your Engagement Session and Why You'll Love It

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--Shannon & Deann

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